Available Parameters

Lightning Forecasts

There are two ways to query lightning parameters. You can either query a lightning density, i.e. the number of lightning strikes within a certain radius, or a list of lightning strikes within a bounding box of your choice.

Lightning Density

Lightning strike densities can be queried for an area within a certain radius around a coordinate point. Queries are available either via point or grid queries.


Available radii: 5km, 10km

Available intervals: 1h, 3h, 6h, 12h, 24h


Lightning List

To query lightning lists, you can use either WFS to easily integrate the data into existing frameworks or a specific list query as it is shown below. The output then lists all lightning flashes between the start and end date within the given bounding box.


Valid time ranges: a time period according to the descriptionabove(the time step is not required, thus ignored), defining a start and end point.

Valid bounding boxes: a rectangle according to the descriptionabove(the resolution is not required, thus ignored).

Available formats: csv, json, xml